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Firstly, wishing everyone a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Another year full of happiness, hardwork and making new memories. Another year given by god to live.

I'm sure its not just me, but many of us must have felt that we have done so much in 2022 yet it feels like the year has ended so soon. 2022 has given and taken a lot from us. From winning the biggest lottery or getting your first job or getting married to loosing your dear one or going through a life changing incident. 2022 has given many reasons to smile as well as many reasons to cry. 2022 was yet another year full of ups and downs, however we are given a new year, a fresh beginning to live and start something new. let's hope and pray that 2023 will be a better and fantastic year.

Today we say goodbye to 2022 grateful for everything we had done and welcome 2023 filled with happiness, love, adventure and joy.

Secondly.. yes, I apologize, I haven't been posting any blogs lately. The reason being is that I was engaged in many work and loads of studies. I also want to let you guys know that this year as well, I will not be so regular at posting my blogs since I will have my 10th boards coming up. However I will try my best to keep posting my blogs on fun and interesting topics. And here comes my first resolution of 2023. My aim is to at least write and post 30 to 50 blogs this year. For which I will try my best.

Now talking about resolutions. I personally like to keep up to my resolutions and follow them however I do know that 95% of us do not follow our resolutions. We do make our resolutions but ignorance and laziness causes us not to maintain and follow them. And out of the remaining 5%, 3% of the people are able to follow their resolutions only for a week, maximum a month. After that they tend to forget about it or it's difficult for them to follow it in their daily busy lives. Basically it's only 2% of us who actually follow our resolutions.

On new year's day or on new year's eve, with dedication and excitement everyone make their new year resolution list, however when it comes to executing these resolutions all the enthusiasm is gone.

Therefore, if you are someone who makes their resolution list and wants to actually follow it but are unable to do so because of various reasons, then here's a tip.

Instead of writing a whole big list of resolutions write only a few easy resolutions which you might be able to find time to follow or if you are making a big list of resolutions then make sure that your first resolution on your list is 'to be able to maintain and follow my resolution list'.

Now coming to my resolutions of 2023(i genuinely like following my resolutions). I haven't completely thought of all my resolutions but some of them are:

  1. Be able to write 30 blogs this year(as i mentioned above earlier)

  2. work hard, concentrate more on studies and get good marks.

  3. be a better human being

  4. help my parents in at least one household work everyday

  5. this year I definitely have to taste enoki mushrooms( I'm sure you didn't know about it but on Instagram when I was randomly scrolling, I saw this dish called enoki mushrooms which looked really yummy and satisfying to eat. from then on, I've really been waiting to taste them)

These are all the resolutions I have thought of as of now. After a few days, I'll probably think of the rest as well or maybe 5 resolutions are enough.

Anyway, now how I am going to make a move and start following my resolutions, is by writing them on my whiteboard so that it is in front of me everytime and will keep reminding me of my resolutions. And start following my resolutions, starting from now.


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