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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I live in an apartment so there’s a balcony instead of a garden. Not only in gardens but even in a small, cosy balcony your dream can come true! Here’s my dream.

In the evening around 4pm it is raining. I am sitting in a chair and right in front of me there’s a table with a glass of pure apple juice ya… about that... I’m not really a caffeinator. And beside the glass of juice is a pizza box with my favourite cheese pizza and loaded on top with peri-peri chicken and more variety of chicken. Mmmm! yum! Now, I’m still a teen, teens don’t like coffee or biscuits on a rainy day. I know, pizza and

apple juice on a rainy day in the balcony, is weird but…that’s how I am. We all have different choices, you see!

Let’s continue any way, So next to my chair is the pizza and juice, and I am sitting on the chair, chilling and listening to all the evergreen songs that are being played by the rose gold shiny coloured Carvaan, my digital radio. And this is my dream!

I love listening to old songs from the 1970s to the early 2000s. The music is very soothing and each and every line of the song is so meaningful and understandable. Now the fact is that while having juice and pizza and having the Carvaan next to me, I even take a moment, to look at the nature. The way the leaves in the trees blow in the direction of the wind, the falling of raindrops on the ground and of course the cool atmosphere around.

Talking about nature, I must say, people who are very busy and don’t get the time to relax and enjoy the things in their surroundings should take at least 1 to 2minutes to look around. The nature holds lots of positivity and calmness. I’ve experienced it too. Whenever I have a stressful day or get too busy such that my mind stops working for a while, I always take 2 minutes to look at the trees and the nature. Trust me that 2 minutes never go waste and I really feel better after that. Nature is not only beautiful but also a stressbuster and gives relaxing vibes. And this is it, my dream in my balcony with a handy tip!

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Lovely, looking at nature is my best way to find my way to my dreamland.


Nice narrative. Fantastic tip.

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