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Firstly if you're wondering why I hadn't been posting any blog since a long time, it was because I had taken a small break from blogging. I had my mid term exams going on and after that I had gone for a vacation with my family because of which I couldn't find time to write my blogs. But here I am,.. back again. and Secondly, this blog might probably be one of the longest blog of mine.

After my exams, this vacation I had gone to, was to celebrate my birthday. My parents surprised me by telling me that we were going to Goa to celebrate my birthday(they told me just 2 to 3 days before we had to leave. also if you didn't know, Goa is the ultimate beach place in India ). We went by our car. It was an 11 hour road trip. On 2nd October, we started from our house at 5am in the morning.

Road trips are the best. Listening to music, eating and looking at the beautiful highway view outside the window. This is exactly how my road trip went. A day before our long drive, my mom ordered many, different varieties of chips, many chocolates, drinks and other eatables too.

Also, ever since I got my phone, I had been making a long drive playlist on Spotify. I had been working on it for exactly this day and road trip. I added my mom and dad's favourite songs and pleasant, happy songs. During the road trip I noticed that not just me,but, even my parents liked the songs being played and were vibing with the music throughout the whole journey.

So I spent the next 10 hours sleeping, eating, listening to music, and looking outside the window. The entire journey went very smoothly and the road was also very good. The view outside the window was so prepossessing and wholesome.

During the end of our journey as we almost reached our resort, we passed through a road that was in between the forest.. As it was noon time, my sister and I were hoping to spot an animal. The only animal we did see were monkeys. But later, after we kept finding, I saw a blue coloured animal. It was for sure a peacock. I just couldn't get a proper look of it as the car was moving at a fast speed.

Fast forwarding..., when we finally reached our resort, we sat in the reception, we were welcomed with a drink. It was so refreshing and tasty. Next we went to our hotel room and rested for a while. Our hotel room was big and beautiful. The bed was comfy and cold(because of the AC).

My parents had booked 2 rooms as we were a total of 4 people(my dad, mom, sister and me).So my sister and I ended up deciding that our parents would have one room and my sister and I would share one. The fun my sister and I had in our rooms for the next few days was amazzinggg.

Fast forwarding again.., on October 2nd,3rd,4th,6th and 7th, my family and I had a great time relaxing and spending time in the resort. Each day we did many things like swimming, going to the beach and building sand castles, doing many sports, bike riding, indoor club activities, watching movies, trying new food items and many many more things.

On the 5th October....yes, that's my birthday day and coincidently it was even Dusshera that day(Dusshera is one of the main festivals celebrated in India). On my birthday I had many gifts and surprises from my family. At first, everything felt normal. I woke up, got ready and received birthday wishes and calls from my family and family members. We went to eat breakfast, since it was my birthday I had a really unhealthy yet sweeet breakfast. I ate waffles, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, doughnuts etc..

Later my family and I went for swimming. We enjoyed a lot. After swimming, all of us went the parent's room were we got ready. After we got ready, I realized that I had left my phone in the kid's room(my sister's and my room). I told my parents that I would go and get it but they said that when we head towards the restaurant for lunch, that time we all could go to the room together and get the phone.

I agreed and was totally unaware that I had a huge surprise coming up.

When we reached my room, coincidently I was the one who opened the room(usually my sister opens it). And when the I opened the door, I was totally surprised. The entire room was decorated with balloons and birthday banners. There was even a chocolate cake on the table.( It was an ultimate chocolate cake, with layers of chocolate ganache and covered with thick layers of chocolate frosting.)

On the bed was a big hill of balloons and 'Happy Birthday Medha' was written on the bed with the help of flowers and leaves. I was totally surprised(I've never been that surprised before). The decoration was so beautiful. and when I turned around, little did I get to know that my parents were recording me, this meant that they knew about the surprise already, and that's why they didn't allow me to get my phone alone, earlier.

I felt very happy and hugged my parents. Then we cut the cake and went for lunch. Since it was Dusshera, the entire resort was decorated. When we ate our lunch, we went to the reception where the receptionist told us that today's dinner was going to be in the lawn and there would be a grand celebration on the occasion of Dusshera. Although the celebration was happening for Dusshera, I felt that the celebration was like my Birthday celebration, everything was so unique and special on my birthday.

After an amazing and grand dinner, my family and I went our rooms. My sister and I watched a movie as well. It was amazing. I did so many things on my birthday and had so much of fun. This was one of the best and memorable birthdays of mine. Before going to bed, I prayed to god and thanked him for giving me such an amazing birthday, I thanked him for blessing me with the best parents and an amazing family. And most importantly thanked him for giving me this day, giving me the best Beach Birthday everrrr...

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