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My Quarantine Days........

29 Jan- 1Feb

A 4 day quarantine.

I'm writing this blog after my quarantine but I still remember how these quarantine days went like. People are told to be quarantined for 7days but my quarantine was only for four days. So, it all started like this...

There were many covid19 cases in our apartment(there's still many) and one day I wasn't feeling well.

Later in the night I got fever of 99.8C. We assumed it might be coronavirus and so I was locked up in my room from that day on. I couldn't manage 4 days in my room locked up, I'm glad my quarantine wasn't for 7days. I couldn't do much of things in my room. My room is not that big, it has a big study desk and full sized large almirah and both of these take half the space in my room, and in the remaining area(somewhat the middle area) are two single beds(one for me and the other for my sister). Both beds when joined form a king size bed.

Whenever I would go outside my room, I always wore my mask to go outside, so that no one else could catch the virus too especially my sister as she was still not vaccinated.

Since I was not feeling well, I was just sleeping the whole time, so I didn't get bored anytime between these 4 days. I was feeling very tired and never felt like being on the digital. At night I woke up 2 to 3 times, sometimes to have my medicines if I had a high temperature and sometimes if I was feeling hungry or thirsty. One of my symptoms was severe throat pain. I couldn't swallow anything properly and there was pain the whole time. It was only at night that my throat used to dry up, so I had to get up and get some water to drink.

About my symptoms... yes, I did have a few symptoms. I had throat pain, high fever, shivering and weakness(only on 30th January). Throat pain was something I had even after I recovered. But, thankfully now its all gone. If I didn't have medicines then my temperature would rise to 99C. During those 4 days, my highest temperature was 100.9C.

Lastly, I'm sure I wouldn't have recovered so quickly without the love and care of my family. My father always checked my temperature and gave me the medicines. My mom always video call me, so that I would get some company to talk to and not get bored(she was also quarantined during that time). My grandparents and relatives who messaged me hour to hour asking how I was feeling and wishing for a speedy recovery.

And so... I did have a speedy recovery. On 1st February all my fever and symptoms went away and I felt alright. That's when even my quarantine was over and I came out of my room freely without wearing any mask. And after that everything was back to normal

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