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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Hellooo Everyone. Yes, the title says it all. Thank you so much for 50+ site members.

Yes, 50 site members, site viewers, site readers, subscribers, all the same. 50 is numerically a small number but it terms of people, it is alot. Especially having so many readers reading my blogs is a very big achievement for me. It is my first ever step to success. One small Idea being well executed brings a lot of happiness.I started my website in the month of November, During November and December I did not make my website public/official. But from January till today, which is 7months. In 7 months getting 50 viewers is alot. Thank you for visiting my site and reading my blogs. I hope I'm doing a good job in my blogs and as promised I will now be on Instagram as bloggyteen. I will be sharing some interesting and daily updates on Instagram. You can check it out and follow me, alsoYou can always message me in the 'Let's chat' button in my website(about new blog topics i should write on, feedbacks on my blogs etc) . Once again a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and I hope to write better blogs and have many more members to come.

Thank you

Medha (Teen Blogger and site manager of BloggyTeen)

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