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The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The Bermuda Triangle is something that I’ve been very interested into. Earlier I didn’t even believe if there was actually a mysterious and dangerous place like this, but as I kept researching about it in google, I got the belief that there was indeed a place like this. I obviously wanted to know more about this mysterious triangle but I didn’t really get much information about the Bermuda triangle that could clear all my doubts and yes, its still a mystery so I doubts obviously couldn’t get cleared. So that’s when I decided to start researching in this blog. Every single piece of information I read about the Bermuda triangle is what I will put in here because I still haven’t understood the correct logic behind this triangle. (If you have any clue about this Bermuda triangle then do tell me in the comments!!)

let the research begin…

The basic information that I’ve read in the internet is that the Bermuda triangle is also known as the devil’s triangle. And it is located somewhere in the west part of the North Atlantic Ocean and many aircrafts and ships have disappeared here. now when I typed” why do things disappear in the Bermuda triangle” or “why is the Bermuda triangle a mysterious triangle” then I saw many explanations. Some of them were scientific, some of them were simply imagination and some of them were ancient stories, to be more precise about the history/mythology. These explanations even had pictures. these were the different things I found on google:

Scientific reason: researches say that the region where the Bermuda triangle lies, there is a lot of gravity/gravitational pull of the earth. in the picture on the right there are divers who

have gone deep inside the Bermuda triangle, then how can it be true that only the ships and planes where pulled and not these divers? There is also a fact that many years back a pilot survived the Bermuda triangle but he lost his legs and hands because of high gravity pull. Maybe its true but I’m not sure how its possible.

The next explanation I saw was looking quite unreal and you’ll believe that too when you look at the picture to your left. I didn’t believe there where aliens and UFOS now.

This is clearly a made up imagination story, and the picture is definitely edited. How can

there be aliens and UFOS. And if there are actually UFOS and aliens then why didn’t they attack our planet, why do they just aim on a small area of a ocean.(do you get it, what I’m trying to say) it 100%makes no sense at all, not even a bit.

And finally some researches even say that there’s an actual sea monster/creature that pulls the aircrafts and ships. I don’t think I believe this as well because there isn't any proof nor any picture.

Maybe there are people/scientists who are still searching for the actual mystery behind this Bermuda triangle or maybe they might have even found the reason or maybe the reason I there in one of the books/novels written by many authors or maybe I just listed the actual reason above. Who knows. But I have a many many questions to ask and who knows when I’ll get the answer, maybe I’ll have to go there myself one day.

These are the list of questions I still need to know about….

1. Why is the Bermuda triangle a ‘triangle’? Why not a square, circle or rectangle?

2. Why is it just that area which disappears things?

3. When was this Bermuda triangle first noticed?

4. are there actually ships and planes that disappeared or are these just rumours?

5. Some where in some other part of an ocean is there another Bermuda triangle?

And the main question

6. What is the actual mystery behind the Bermuda triangle?

not just these, but I have a long list of questions about the Bermuda triangle.

some of these questions might be silly but they are good questions to be asked.

And so… I think

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle still remains as a mystery.


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When I grow up I will visit this mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

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