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Here I am to say about something very important. Something we all might have realised only after this pandemic situation and lockdown. This topic is a serious topic which can also be well debated on.

NOTE:- if you want to use the points below for your speech in school etc, then you can. But the best option would be, you putting in your own thoughts and ideas.


As we all know that to prevent ourselves from getting the deadly Corona virus, our countries and rest of the world were going through complete lockdown. During this lockdown, we had many restrictions like not able to go to our school/office/work, not able to go outdoors. No malls, no shopping, no meeting friends/people, not able to travel as the airline and railway services were shut etc.

However, during this phase we realised that this lockdown proved to be a blessing to the nature, to our MOTHER EARTH. If we recall, everyday we kept hearing in the news that rivers are getting cleaner and clearer all by itself day by day. Air was getting/becoming cleaner and noise and air pollution had also reduced. It felt so nice hearing the birds chirping so clearly in the mornings and evening when standing outside in our balcony or garden .

The Ozone Layer was also repairing itself which was even earlier considered to be an undoable task. Nature impossible problems had possible solutions. The glaciers in Antarctica were also melting at a slow rate, that was eventually helping in solving the GLOBAL WARMING PROBLEM. There was news spread everywhere in India that "this year there was no extreme heat waves in North part of India" unlike the previous years.

During the lockdown period, we all were fed up staying at home but just for thinking about our comfort, we did not realise that the environment and nature around us kept on healing herself. We all may not like that phase we all went through but for the nature, it must have been one of her most beautiful and enjoying moments. The nature and environment does so much for us, so can't we do a small thing for her to make her happy and ever blooming.

So, keeping all these points in mind, I would like to say/request that the government should make a rule that there should be a mandatory one day lockdown. So that, the nature can heal and make herself better. Just for that one day, it should be fine not to go anywhere outside. For that one day, we could stay at our home and spend some quality time with our family, friends etc.

It's just one day a month not one day a week. Don't you think, this is something doable. What are your opinions on this??

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