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What I have been doing lately(humorous)

Well my summer vacations are going on.......ya there're going good. My holidays have just begun and I haven't really done much, nevertheless I decided to share with you guys what I have been doing, or more like, 'What I have done past 1 week'. Now Im sure most of you are aware of my school routine, and if you're not then you might obviously have an idea of what exactly is a school routine goes for a high school student.

So, the routine I followed last week was extremmmely the opposite of my school routine. This week, however, I have shown an improvement in my holiday routine, but the routine I followed last week was literally like a... sloth. At this point Im kinda embarressed sharing my lazy routine to you guys but my brain said LET'S STILL DO IT, and plus, this was my routine last week, which is the PAST, and you know what they say, FORGET ABOUT THE PAST,FOCUS ON THE PRESENT...;)

So let's begin with my routine(DISCLAIMER: the content below has not been exaggerated. if you think anything has been exaggerated then you know who I am.)

I did'nt feel sleepy at 12am, when everone was asleep. 1am..still awake. Trying my best to go to sleep but the slideshow of scary creatures my brain shows me, keeps me awake. 2am I have 20% fallen to sleep. But it gets too hot and I remove my blanket, but then it starts feeling cold. I get annoyed and my eyes open.

Finally after getting myself cofortable I try going to sleep. This time 40% i'm asleep and from then onwards I go into deep deep sleep. At 6am my grandmom wakes me up, no signal from my side. 9am my dad comes, no sign. 10am, 11am my mom wakes my up. I say 2min while i'm sleeping. Everyone's given up and no onecomes to wake me up, then I stretch my body and open one of my eye to check the time. It's 1:30 pm, that's really late.

I immediately wake up and get freshed up. Eat a very light breakfast and then walk outside the house for 20-30 min. I then take a bath,eat lunch and then watch a movie or series with my family. 4:30 I have to attend my online class(which is not a part of the school). It goes on for an hour or two. Then in the evening we either watch the cricket match or go outside.

Now during this entire day I get a lot of free time here and there. During that time I either do some art work, most of the time I'm on the phone playing games. And this routine continues again and again.

Now you tell me, isn't this the most 'slotheous' routine eveer. However, I have fixed my routine and now its much much much better.

Now here's the thing.... my parents themselves had no idea of my complete lazy routine, and if they read this then i'm X), so mom and dad just in case you're reading this, I'm sorry and I love you guys...remember this was my "PAST", and you know what they say,


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