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August 15th 1947, India got independence. It was the sacrifice of many freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and many more known and unknown fighters because of whom we Indians are here today, living with peace and freedom. This day holds national pride and honour in the heart of every Indian citizen living in India and abroad. After many years of Independence, this year(2022) India celebrates its 75th year of Independence.

The previous week, as usual I was going to school sitting in the bus and I could see so many houses, shops and buildings with the honourable tricolour flag. Every building, every corner of the the surrounding was decorated with the tricolour flag. Many buildings put up the national flag, whereas some shops were decorated with lights of the tricolour, tricolour balloons, the whole city was grandly/beautifully decorated. Orange, white, Indigo and green were sparkled my eyes after each blink.

And what I was seeing, was just the happiness and celebration of one city. I couldn't even Imagine how beautiful the whole of India might be looking at the moment. Not only the entire surrounding was decorated beautifully but even my school and my apartment(where I live) celebrated Independence in a very grand way.

In my school, a special chief guest came. Performances and different programs kept on happening, on the other hand the members of our society organized a big celebration in the evening.

There were many many many performances(literally a lot, such a celebration has never happened before) dance performances, songs, patriotism, fashion show, welcoming of a special chief guest, food stalls, accessory stalls etc, where displayed in the main area. Not only the surroundings but even the social media was filled with Happiness of proud Indians celebrating/hoisting India's Independence. Instagram posts, Whatsapp statuses, profile pictures, literally everywhere you could see was India's flag.

Everyone were dressed in the tricolour combination(including me). This year's quote/aim of India's independence is 'Har Ghar Tiranga' which means that in the house of every citizen of India, will fly the national tricolour flag. I read more about this campaign and learned that this campaign was launched by our prime minister, Narendra Modi. This is an initiative to encourage the citizens of India to hoist the Indian National Flag in their homes. Even we (my family) put a big national flag in our balcony and the wind was so good here, that the flag looked so beautiful as it kept waving/flying.

If you're an Indian, then you might know a lot about India and it's nationalism, but if you're not an Indian, then I would like to explain/represent to you about our nation's flag. India's flag symbolizes strength and courage(orange/saffron colour), peace and truth(white colour) and growth and auspiciousness(green colour). In the middle of the flag we have a Ashoka chakra(wheel) which is dark blue/Indigo in colour. The chakra has 24 spokes which represents 24 different qualities of a person. If the people of the country inculcate all the 24 qualities/paths, then it would lead to great progress in any country.

And thus, because of so much of respect, meaning and uniqueness, I love and proudly respect my country with pride and I am grateful to be born Indian.

Happy Independence Day to everyone. JAI HIND

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