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My 'THE FINAL EXAM' was finally over. The day my exams got over, my parents surprised me and my sister that we were going to Singapore in 2days. We were in Singapore for the past 6days and just yesterday night, we came back home. I have to say, the experience and journey was beyond amazing. In these 6 days we visited many tourists destinations, and have covered most of Singapore. From Bangalore, we took our flight to Singapore. It was a 4hour flight journey.

When we reached Singapore, I noticed the view from the porthole. It was beautiful. We reached around in the evening, so the sun had already set. The infinite light beams coming from the city, was a mesmerizng site indeed. In the ocean many big ships which seemed to be like big whales were approaching the island.

Once we landed safely, we took a taxi and headed to our hotel. Throughout our entire stay in Singapore, the taxi drivers had been extremely friendly and nice. When I looked outside the window of the taxi, I noticed that all the buildings were uniquely shaped. Each building had its own different structure. We finally reached our hotel, it was around 8 pm. Next to our hotel at a walking distance was a food street, the Orchard Road. There were so many restaurants and so many people. We ate Mexican food that night and went back to our hotel.


The next day, was when our adventure actually started. After eating our breakfast, we reached the cable car station which took us to Sentosa Island. We spent our whole day in Sentosa island, there was so many things to see. First we went to Madame Tussauds. There were many wax figures of many celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, Virat Kohli, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, Shakira, Shah Rukh Khan etc.

Next we went to the Aquarium. There were so many sea creatures. My sister had never been to an aquarium and was really excited. We even visited Universal Studios . There was a bunch of restaurants and shops. Some of them such as Hershey's land and Lego land really fascinated me and my sister. later that evening we went to Wings of Time to watch the light show. and trust me, that was probably the best thing I had ever seen. it was just.. amazing. We were at the edge of the island. From there we were also able to capture the view of the city and the sunset. I could also see many ships approaching the city. It was dark by then, and we reached back our island by the cable car. It was dark and I was kind of scared, but the view of the city and the sea was BEAUTIFUL. we reached back our hotel and slept. most of the time we were walking in Singapore, which was also the reason why we used to get exhausted by the end of the day. Singapore is a very clean country and it follows strict measures to maintain it. more than half the population prefer walking, which is also the reason why Singaporeans are very fit. Singaporeans look very similar to Chinese or Japanese people but I have to say, the people are very beautiful.


The next day we went to Mariana Bay Sands. one must definitely come here if visiting Singapore. From the top you can see the entire city and the ocean till far extents. the site is definitely the most beautiful site of all. after spending some time in Mariana Bays we took a red bus which took us on a tour of the whole city. that way we saw the whole of Singapore. we then went inside Suntec city mall and ate. In the evening we headed to the night safari. we saw many animals in the dark and they were so close to us without any barriers. After the safari was an over, there was show, where the host introduced many different animals to the audience. Outside the show was a cafeteria, we ate Indian food and then headed back home.


If you visit Singapore you will notice two big dome like shaped structures(which is seen in the picture of DAY2). on our third day we went inside these dome structures. It was filled with greenery. We went inside the cloud forest which was so calming and refreshing. After spending sometime there, we went to gardens by the bay. next we went on a boat ride where the river was right in the middle of the city. We got a better view of the city and even spotted Merlion Park. In the evening, we sat in a restaurant which was near the river. On the bank of the river were many bars and restaurants and the environment was very lively. We ate pizza and fries. After which we went back to our hotel.


On our fourth day we went to the Merlion Park, took a picture with the Merlion, which is the symbol of Singapore. It is like a mermaid with the head of a lion. We then visited Chinatown. In Chinatown we visited the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. It was so beautiful from the inside. We even got to see many relics of God Buddha. We spent quite some time in the temple and then walked past the china street. After Chinatown we went to little India, where we visited a temple. When we were in the temple, aarti was going on. In the evening we again went to gardens by the bay to watch the light show. Everyone were lying down on a larger grass pit, relaxing and enjoyed the light show. There was also a food court where we had our dinner and headed back to our hotel.


Our fifth day was more animal themed. We first went to the Jurong Bird park were we saw many different species of birds. We even got to see penguins. later there was also a bird show, which we definitely watched and even got a family picture with the birds. Then at the food court while we were eating we saw peacocks roaming around, one of them even came very near to us. Peacocks indeed are a majestic animal. Next we went to the Singapore zoo where we saw many animals and reptiles from near. We saw the giraffe, zebra, lion, cheetah, hippo, and different types of lizards. then we saw a sealion show. The sealion was so friendly and funny. The bond between the sealion and its keeper was so heart- touching.


Our last day in Singapore. We spent our time relaxing in the hotel. My sister and I went for swimming. Later we discovered the entire hotel. That day a wedding was taking place on the 2nd floor. I was lucky enough to be able to look at the bride as we were in the same lift. She was sooo pretty. We then checked out of our hotel and headed towards Changi airport. Changi airport is known as the best airport in the world. It indeed is, it did not even feel like we were in an airport. There was so much to see and so much to eat. We spent hours looking at every corner of the airport and finally boarded our flight to Bangalore. Around 11pm we reached Bangalore and by 2 am we reached home.

Our journey to Singapore had thus come to an end. But the memories we made there were endless. After my hectic exams, a trip to Singapore is probably the best thing anyone can ask for and for that I’m really grateful to my parents.

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