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Overcome Your Fears, Challenge Your Life

5th October 2018, is the day. I shall never forget in my life. Probably because it was one of the best day but mainly because that day was the day I had overcome one of my biggest fears(Heights and water). 11 year old me was actually very excited to go parasailing for the first time, the special part was this special event took place in Goa and this day was none other than my birthday. On this day, when we were at the beach, we say some water sports being conducted. Parasailing was the one my eye went on, however I was too scared so I kept quiet.

Unexpectedly, my parents approached me to try parasailing. Now, I had observed keenly hoe this sport was going on. You are hooked with the bottom of the parachute with a lifeguard who is slightly above you. Down below a fast moto boat moves, which is attached to the rope of the parachute. And then when the boat catches speed, you find yourself flying over the sea. The feeling is like you're floating in the dark wide space. My parents encouraged me, in fact challenged me to try something new.

I being a child who loved swimming and water sports happily excepted the challenge, not realising what was coming.

The next minute, I found myself over the dark clear ocean and strong winds going past my body. It was amazing, until a few minutes later, they started to bring the parachute down. Ideally the ride is supposed to end and the parachute does bring the person down. However, when the parachute was going down, I was still surrounded with wide ocean, which was far off the shore. I tried communicating with the life guard asking him what was happening, and al I could here was 'AAHAAH.....' I could understand whatever he was saying. I panicked, I was going to get crazy mad in no time.

The feeling seconds before getting a heart attack was something I was exactly going through. At that moment of time my mind went blank. As I got nearer to the ocean, I started to have the most wildest thoughts ever. I started tot think what if suddenly a big shark just comes out of the ocean and gobbles me up, just like we see in the movies(I know this is a silly thought, but what else do you expect from a 11 year old, who is at her most terrified moment of life).

Soon then, they gradually dipped my body halfway down in the water.

At this point I can guarantee you one thing that I was 0.0001% close to getting a heart attack. Then THE parachute started rising up, and the next minute I reached the shore, all safe and sound. I was wet all the way till my chest, I was in absolute shock, I was asked my parents what the dip in the water was for.

Then, my parents revealed to me, how on that particular day they were doing something different with the water sports and hoe parasailing was special with a dip in the sea. I think I missed observing that part of the ride. I was extremely frightened and didn't want to think of what had happened again.

But now, when I think about it, I realise how it was one of the best moment of my life. And now I wouldn't be hesitant to do it again. That day one challenge changed the life of a 11 year old Me.

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