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A RECIPE FROM MY COOKBOOK +(exposing myself a little)

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Starting off, if you didn't know me, I love cooking and baking. Baking is one of my top and favourite hobbies that I do very often. And Yes, I'm an very big foody. I just love eating and tasting different kinds of food. If cooking and baking is my hobby then I obviously will be having a cookbook.(mainly because I can't remember the recipe, ingredients and quantity of things required:)).

I have many new and different recipes in my cookbook and I usually get these recipes from my mother/grandmother, mixture of many Youtube videos/ Google recipes and some unique recipes, are made by me.

Some of the food dishes I bake and cook are:- Red velvet cake, chowmein (spicy noodles with vegetables), vanilla cake, Poha fingers(something like veggie long cutlets/sticks), Pancakes, Cookies, Jhal muri ( Indian street snack made ),lasagna, Poha fingers, kachori and Samosa( Famous Indian snack which is kind of a stuffed patty/puff), cinnamon Rolls, Doughnuts, White sauce pasta, Healthy carrot cake and many many more dishes.(it's like an endless book full of recipes)

And I would love to share these easy recipes of mine with you all, if you are also interested into cooking and baking. One thing about my recipes are that they are simple and easy to make, ingredients that are available at home, and don't take much time in preparing/making it. Now, it did take a long time for me to decide, as to which recipe I would share with you guys first.

So....,after a long, tough time of decision making, I decided that the first recipe I would share will be SAMOSAS. The reason why I chose Samosas was firstly, because this recipe belongs to my nani and dadi(both grandmothers) and so you won't be able to find the exact same recipe anywhere else. Secondly, samosas is a very popular food item in India and every family has there own methods/traditional way of making it. The ingredients are usually the same.

And lastly, I wanted all the people who have not tried samosas or those for whom samosas is an entirely new thing, they too try out India's hottest and most popular dish.

A little description about samosas for the new ones: Samosas are a type of patty, which are triangular in shape. They are stuffed with potatoes mixed with a few Indian spices. Samosas are generally served with a sweet chutney and spicy chutney. They are deep fried in oil, yet there are many healthy substitutes for this recipe.

Literally, in every corner of India, you'll be able to find samosas.

I won't only just share the recipe but also tell you some tips and tricks based on the experiences I have had while making samosas.

So now let's begin with the recipe were. This recipe will be divided into 2 parts. One for the dough(the outer covering) and the stuffing inside.

For the dough take 3 cups of flour, add a pinch of salt,1 spoon of oil or butter and add water. Add water accordingly and make a perfect dough. Not too loose not too tight...just perfect. Remember the dough should be soft. Now, take a wet cloth and cover the dough for some time.

Next we make the stuffing, boil 3 to 5 potatoes. Mash them and add 1 to 2tsp of turmeric powder, chat masala, chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander, chilli, onions(if you like), garam masala, pinch of salt and mix it all up with medium flame. The stuffing is ready too, wait for it to cool completely.

Now come the exciting part.(for this you could call your brother/sister, mom or child or any body to help you along) Make medium sized balls of the dough(make sure all of them are of the same size). Take one ball and roll it into a shape of a circle. The circle should be medium sized, mathematically around 10cm diameter. After making your perfect circle, cut it half horizontally(one slide of the knife). Now, take the one half(semi circle) in your hands and curve/fold it to make a cone shape. Put in the stuffing, (1 spoon is the perfect quantity) and with the help of your fingers, press the bottom side nicely, so that it won't open.

And you have your 1st uncooked samosa ready. Do the same for all. Once all of them are done, on medium flame, deep fry the samosas in any oil, so that they turn into a nice golden brown colour and look crispy. To make it healthy, instead of frying the samosas in oil you can air fry it with the air fryer or bake it in the oven. The taste will remain the same. Once that's done, take your samosas out and serve it in a beautiful plate/bowl and your Samosas are ready. Dig in and Enjoy!!

And so, I hope you try this recipe and also enjoy it. I have many more recipes, that I would love to share. Comment the dishes, whose recipe you want, and I'll send you the recipe(either through blogs or personally).

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I want the recipe of the red velvet cake.

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