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Have We Lost It Forever?

Reading this title, the first question that comes in our mind is, "What is that that we have lost, there's nothing we lost, we have everything. But even after having everything, we have forgotten the cultures, the beliefs and respect.

By culture, I mean the traditional things taught to us, the good values taught to us, the things that has been continuing since a long time from our ancestors to ancestors, and here we are today breaking the family values .

Secondly, by beliefs I mean something very important. The belief in god. It was god who created everything, he created us. It was him who was there even when the world wasn't formed/there. But today no one believes in any of this. Everyone believe in things that are only scientifically correct and proven. Its true that all these stories we hear, have been seen by no body, these are all myths, but it doesn't mean that we don't believe in them. In fact today when we talk about mythological stories and belief in god, people proudly say that they are an atheist.(which is totally the wrong option).

Thirdly when I say respect, I mean the respect to the elders, the needy people/ of lower caste and respect to each and every living(which includes animals and plants). But forget about respecting other people, today's generation is so poor that children themselves don't respect their parents. And if you don't respect your parents, then what is the point of respecting others.

Culture, Belief and Respect and the three things we have been learning about from years to years, yet people don't execute these things for real. This wasn't a serious problem until a few years or centuries ago. But it now is, because children are the one, who even after being taught by their parents about traditional culture, good behaviour and belief in god are not listening to them, not giving it any importance. Hence, ignoring every single good thing taught by their parents only because they don't respect their parents. Now, if children don't respect their parents, then wouldn't even listen to their parents. You see, three of these are connected. You forget one, you forget all. You disregard one, you disregard all.

All of this is wrong. All of this is the problem, this generation is facing and they are unaware of. Yet, it gets extremely difficult for the elders to teach their children the right behaviour back, as the children keep getting bad influence from their phones, outside surroundings, social media and sometimes even from their friends. So as an elder, or as a child make sure that the child or you should not get wrongly influenced/ knowledge. It's not too late yet. There is still time.

In spite all this problem, on the positive side, there are still children who haven't forgotten about their culture, beliefs and respect. And the reason behind this could be because they respect their parents or because their parents are putting the extra effort to make sure that their child learns the right thing.

So, think about it. Culture, belief and respect. Have we lost it forever or can we bring it back or will things worsen that we will start to forget more good things...

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