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As kids or as adults everyone have different interests and hobbies. Some people’s hobbies could be reading,writing,art and crafts,cooking,sports,sleeping etc. But for doing a specific hobby, we need to find some time. In better words I mean to say that, whatever we do takes/steals time, which includes even our hobby. But this new thing, Im going to tell you about, is..not exactly a hobby, but something that will benefit you and won’t steal any of your time, in fact it will add in the time we loose, sometimes during our day to day life. For example sitting for half in hour in your school bus to reach home, being jobless or not able to go to sleep. I call this…CLEAR MIND. As the name says it all, CLEAR MIND means clearing your mind. Now… why clear our mind?, how is it going to be helpful? What exactly is this and how do you clear your mind when you have millions of things, thoughts, emotions flowing around? I’m going to tell you all about it. So..I don’t know whether this is scientifically proven, but when you stop thinking for a while and keep your mind and brain calm, then that’s when you have some very unusual and rare thoughts and ideas flowing in your mind.

These extraordinary thoughts and ideas that flow in our minds are something that come in handy. It’s different for everyone. And it is because of this hobby I followed, that makes me come here in this platform and communicate with all of you today!

Yes, few months ago, when I was sitting jobless in my room, my mind automatically stopped thinking of all the extra things I was thinking of, and that’s when I started having random thoughts about vlogging and blogging. I didn’t have much idea what blogging was, and what was the difference between blogging and vlogging. That’s when I started to research about both of them, and found a little bit of interest in blogging. In the next few days I started to think about blogging. I was thinking about the topics I would write blogs on, the design and structure of my website and so on. Even my parents recommended me to start blogging. And so I did It, and here I am today.

So you see, how clearing your mind can take you from where to where. Similarly you can try doing it too. Not only this, but when you clear your mind, your mind feels relaxed and calm. It feels like all the problems and things going on, in our mind, is crushed into a ball and thrown away, far from our brain and mind. When our mind is relaxed and we remove all the problems and tensions going on in our mind. We suddenly feel so good and think of only positive things. Hence clearing your mind can bring positivity in yourself, no matter in whatever situation you are in.

You might have noticed that when you are going for a job interview or you are going to play your big game, before your big day, your parent, friend, teacher or anyone near, tells you to take a deep breath. Why do they say that? we are always nervous and tensed when we have a very important event to take place, we tend to forget everything we are supposed to do or say. So taking a deep breath is a method/way to relax, and clear our mind and then think positively about what we are going to do and how we do it our best. So, I would recommend you to try out this new leisure activity(you see some things are worth trying) and I’m sure it’s going to help you a lot, and soon this might be your new and favourite hobby.


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