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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Now first things first, why McDonald’s when there are so many more restaurants like KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut etc.

It isn’t because McDonald’s is my favourite but because I just had McDonald’s a while ago. Since the scenario around is still not very safe because of the virus, my family and I don’t go for trips.

But past this October month, we had a holiday from schools and office which gave us the opportunity to go for a short drive. We’re lucky that our apartment is near a beautiful lane that has all types of shops, from shopping malls to electronics and street side food. You literally will find all the shops in this lane. I remember a few as well like Dominos, Trends, Westside, Max, KFC, Village Hypermarket, many electronic shops and McDonald’s. And every single day we go for a short drive in the evening through this lane. Sometimes we do some shopping for clothes, buy some electronic device and many more. But every time we went out, we used to stop at McDonalds and get something.

So basically I’ve recently been eating at McDonald’s and seriously every time I go there, I feel so happy and I’ve never felt tired of eating the food there. Today also we went out and we went to McDonald’s at the end while heading back home. Today I had an American cheese burger and a chocolate ice cream. My sister got herself some fries. And we sat in our car and enjoyed our food, then after we finished eating, our dad started the car back home. So, like that I’ve tasted many things from McDonald’s and all of them are very tasty. And now I’m really starting to like McDonald’s not only the food but the entire staff are really nice.

During this pandemic they take care of the precautions and the food they make in front of us is also very hygienic. When you enter inside the guard outside greets you and when you tell the order at the counter the waiter and cash person also greet you. I live in India and whenever we greet someone with respect we say ’Namaste’ and that’s what they do and I always love to greet them back. Not only that, in every McDonald's you might have noticed that there's a statue clown whose mostly sitting on a bench. This clown for sure is one way that catches the attention of all the little children and This is one of the reasons why all the children love McDonald's.( Am I right?)

You wouldn’t believe but earlier I never used to eat McDonald’s (idk why) the only thing I used to get from McDonald’s was its ice cream but now tasting their food, I’m really loving it. McDonald’s is definitely a really old food company/restaurant but even after the opening of many fast food companies, none of them have been able to get that taste which we get from McDonald’s . well, maybe that’s why we say,


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