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Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Whenever my family and I go to a place for a trip, the place is either near the coast or hilly regions. If we go to a coastal area, then visiting beaches is definitely a must and when we go to a hill station, the mountains and valleys are the first go to place. And now going to so many trips/places has made me fall in love with the mountains and beaches.

Talking about beaches, I remember that time when we went for a road trip to Goa for celebrating my birthday. The hotel we stayed in was very big. It had its own café restaurant, Italian restaurant and dining room. But the fact that I loved about the hotel was, it had its own private beach with many water sports. I even tried parasailing and speed boat for the first time. The speed boat was really fun but the parasailing was really scary. And things get even more scary when you remember reading news headline about a person getting caught by a shark during parasailing, etc.. etc. I mean…. who wouldn’t freak out after reading news like these and doing the sport after that, It’s like putting your life at your own risk. Luckily the parasailing went safe. But the actual reason why I love being at the beach is, the fresh smell of the sea water and the cool sound of the waves and definitely, collecting the different varieties of seashells that reach the shore.

And now thinking about hill stations…. our trip to Himachal Pradesh comes to my mind. We went with many of our family friends. It was a road trip and all of us were in our own cars. We kids kept shuffling in different cars. All the 4 to 5 cars went in a straight line following each other during the entire trip. I don’t remember after how long we reached our hotel but it did take a while. So, when we reached our hotel, each family went to their respective hotel rooms. We stayed in Himachal for many days. The weather was really cold out there that’s why everyone wore thick woolen jackets however I wore the nylon soft ones

(they're just so soft and comfy). The fact that in even in such a high place, our hotel was massive. ( as per my experiences, I have noticed that hotels in the hilly areas aren’t that big, luxurious and properly structured).Our hotel had so many things and activities. We had a lot of fun in our hotel but apart from that we even went out to see the streets and shops in Himachal. There were many street shops and in one of them we had momos and maggi. The fun of having food at the side of the streets/roads, the hot plate of noodles/momos served in the cold weather and eating while standing, has its own beauty and feeling. The other day we went trekking and I collected many fallen pines in the forest. The best part in going to the mountains and hills is that there is so much of greenery and fresh air. The atmosphere out there is just so refreshing. On the other day it rained so heavily we all were popsicles freezing there. Like that, on the rest days we enjoyed differently and went to different places.

So, you see.. both mountains and beaches are amazing. They both are nature refreshing, you get to collect some special things and you can do something sporty in both these places, so I can’t really choose one. They both are equally beautiful but different in their own beauty. But if I actually had to choose only one amongst these two, then I think after thinking really hard on it,

I would choose the mountainous regions only by 0.0001% only because I haven’t heard anything scary and dangerous about the hills so far, so I wouldn’t be scared at any point of time. I’ll be all safe and sound. :))


1. MAGGI :- an instant 2 minute noodle. With an addicting and die hard taste. Best flavour can be tasted in India. Literally all Indians survive on it.

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