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My Favourite Social Media Platform

We live in the 21st century, where each and every person uses social media. Many people are entirely dependent on social media. Earlier there was only one social media platform, but now there are 100+ social media platforms. Some of the most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp etc.

I got my first phone on 14th August 2021(basically last year) and I obviously downloaded the apps my family members use (so I could chat/be in touch with them) and the apps my friends recommended. So, I did download a few apps and now when I have used these apps for nearly an year, I have come to a conclusion as to which app I feel the best is.

You have a minute to guess what it could be, and then you could scroll down.

If you think it is Whatsapp, then you are wrong, if you think it is Snapchat, then you are wrong, if you think it is youtube, then you are wrong, if you think it is Instagram, then you are not wrong, if you think it is Facebook, then you are wrong and if you think it is some other app, then you are still wrong.

So, the first question,

Why do i consider Instagram the Best?

According to me, Instagram is a very simple and easy to manage social media platform. Here, you can follow your favourite celebrities, like and save videos which are interesting and make reels during you leisure time. One of my most favourite thing about Instagram is that If I am interested in a particular type of video for instance cooking, then it shows me videos related to cooking which would obviously be very captivating to watch.

The next question,

What is the unique thing about Instagram which is not there in any other app?

The most risky thing about social media apps are that there are different types of people around the world and sometimes you can get hacked if you give them even the slightest information/signal. Not me, but I do know many of my family members and friends who have experienced this kind of cyber crime. But till now neither I nor any of my knowns ones have experienced any such thing in Instagram. Hence, Instagram is a safe social media platform.

And the last question,

How is the content in Instagram?

Apart from the settings, privacy,appearance, permissions and uncomplexity in the app,Instagram has all kinds of content in it, which is perfect for everyone around the world , not only that but there are also short 1 minute videos to watch as well as really long 1 hour videos to watch.

Thereby, for me, Instagram is an amazing social media platform were the whole humanity can communicate.

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