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(this was written in 2021)

10 December 2021


Written at (what time) :- ##

Normal day

Like always today also I woke up at 6:15am. 6:30 to 7am I usually do my workout, but today in the morning it was freezing cold that’s why instead of exercising I was in my bed cuddling my blanket. Then I finally took the courage of getting out of the cosiness and started getting ready. I went and took a bath, got ready for school and at 8:05am I left home to get my bus. On the way to school, again as normal the road was so bumpy, we went up and down and left and right and all this wasn’t fun. Then at 8:50 I reached school and headed to my class, I sat on my desk and took my bag off and stretched out my body, and then the normal class routine gets started. We had our prayer assembly at 9:00am. And after 10 minutes our classes started (the school timings are from 9:00am to 3:00pm and each class is for 40 minutes so we have a total of 6 classes and our last class is usually for 1hour from 2pm to 3pm) and between this time all we did was studying, writing, reading, listening and dozing off sometimes, when we get too bored during class lectures. I’ve seen most of my classmates doing that but I personally don’t doze off instead (I start dreaming in my own world whenever I get bored)

Anyways back to my school...augh… (I’m actually getting really bored talking about school, I’m going to fast forward things a bit.

So, after my school got over, I went to my bus and came back home, again with the same bumpy-lumpy road, and at around 4:05pm I reached home. I took rest for 30 to 40 minutes and started studying/completing my homework. At 8:00pm I was done with all my work, studies and from 8:00pm to 9:00 I was free, so between this 1 hour, I played with my sister, helped my mom, packed my bag for tomorrow, had dinner and even after doing so many things, I still have 10 minutes left for 9:00. From 9 to 10 my entire family including me watch a reality tv show. It finishes around at 10:30pm and at 11pm I’ll go to sleep.

{RIDDLE: this was entirely what I did today. Can you guess at what time or during what time I had written this blog/dairy page?? }

(Also… I don’t actually own or maintain a diary book. This is probably the first time past 2 years I actually wrote a dairy on a normal day.)

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