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Ubtan- The Secret For Perfect Skin

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Ubtan is a natural Ayurvedic body and face scrub which works as a cleanser, toner, natural highlighter and a beauty product. It has been used for centuries by the Romans, Chinese, Egyptians and Indians. Ubtan has a very significant role in the Indian tradition. In Northern parts of India just before or on the day of marriage it is applied from head to toes by Hindus both to the Brides and Bridegrooms as a ritual.

Ubtan also known as Haldi, is a scrub made of simple and beneficial ingredients. It contains Milk (which helps in giving glow to the skin and also tightens the skin), Turmeric powder (which helps treat uneven skin tones and reduces the aging of skin), Besan (which helps in filling the unwanted pores in the face), honey (which helps in nurturing the skin and removing the dirt particles) and lemon (which helps in curing pimples or acne on the face). The ingredients used to make Ubtan may vary for different home culture by one or two ingredients. For example, some people add rose water, some people add yogurt as well as milk, some people don’t add honey and some people add wheat instead of Besan. It is different everywhere.

The reason why it is called the best skin product is because it can help fix all problems in the face, from getting old and having loose and wrinkled face to teenage acne/pimples and skin tans. And speaking of acne and pimples, this is the reason I am writing this blog. Ubtan has helped in treating my acne which was all over my face.

And this is how the story goes of how Ubtan played/plays a significant role during my teenage skin problems.

You see, when I was 13 that’s when acne started appearing on my face. At first, I took it very lightly but soon it started growing more and more. I was never tensed about it but I needed to cure it soon because it didn’t look good. I searched on google, saw many Youtube videos but nothing really helped. My mom used to keep telling me to try putting Ubtan on my face, maybe it would work but I wouldn’t listen. Later, when I did all the research I could do and nothing still helped, I was sad.

This time my mom came to me again and insisted me to try applying Ubtan on my face. This time, since I had no other solution to my acne, I agreed to apply Ubtan. The next day I made Ubtan (just the way my mom and grandmoms make) and applied it on my face like a face mask. I put a thin layer on my face, equally everywhere and waited for it to dry. After it dried, I washed it with water and after that I saw a little difference on my face. I felt that it worked and continued applying it every alternate day.

Soon, I could see my acne reducing. Currently, I do still have a little acne on my face and even today I continue to apply Ubtan on my face. Ubtan was the saviour to my problem. So, if you’re facing any skin problem then you could try applying Ubtan, and maybe it will be the saviour for your problem too.


If you’re making Ubtan only for the face:

2 spoons of Besan

½ tsp turmeric powder

1 spoon curd/milk

Juice of half a lemon

¼ tsp honey

¼ tsp rose water.

If you are making Ubtan for the body then triple the quantity of the ingredients and you can skip adding rose water and honey.

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