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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

‘Happiness’ itself comes from the positive word 'happy'. You 'see' someone happy when they smile ( from the outside)and happiness is the happy feeling a person feels ( from the inside). This is what we all know, but, I have a slightly different understanding for happiness.

Sometimes when you see a person happy, you don’t really know whether the person is actually feeling happy from the inside or not. What if the person is actually sad or depressed from inside and just because the person smiles, you think she is happy! And this is not just for other people but also for ourselves! When you are truly happy and satisfied from the inside then your face automatically shows that. This is what happiness really is. It is the actual and true satisfaction that comes from the inside, and is seen brightly outside, right on your face and in your behaviour. Now, after this, can you really tell, how many times have you experienced happiness?? You might need some time to really think about it. But there are a few people who wouldn’t take that long to think about it because whatever they’re doing gives them the 'that happiness' automatically. And now comes the question, what do people really do to enjoy this true happiness?? Well…. there actually many things you could do but I’ll tell you my experience which gave me the feeling of true happiness.

Since I’m still a teenager, I haven’t done much nor do I remember much. But the quickest memory that strikes my mind at the moment is that one time when my friend had taken a loooooong leave from school because of some reason (maybe she was ill or something) . The exams were coming in just 5 days and she had to cover a lot of studies that she missed especially mathematics. So when she came to school after a long break I helped her finish the chapters taught, and solved questions with her. She was kinda stressed out and was really worried but I supported her and kept helping her.

Weeks later when our exams got over and we got our marks, she got an A+ and I got a B

( damn.. why am I always stuck with B :/). She came to me and thanked me and even gave me a big chocolate (totally unexpected;). And I was really happy that I was able to help someone who really needed help and that’s how it made my day amazing and I was filled with happiness. So, I think… if you are able to make someone happy and they feel the true happiness because of you , then you just feel happiness more than any person around, so keep helping people. Have a good behaviour, good mindset, have good thoughts and do good so that you can also experience that happiness that I felt right now by sharing what happiness really is!!(did you get it?) 😊

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